File Submission

Ready to print? Here's a quick and simple process that we require.

Quality control is crucial when printing with Deja. In order for us to accept your files for printing, a strict set of instructions must be followed to ensure that your project is completed correctly. Files MUST be submitted in Illustrator .AI, .EPS or .PDF with trim marks and all text converted to outlines. Photoshop .PDF or .TIFF format file formats are accepted as well. Flattened .JPG images WILL NOT be accepted.

Please visit our Template and Guideline page here for final instructions prior to file submission.

Step One: After applying the guidelines to you design file, download the
Deja Printing Final Proof Contract Here

Step Two: Fax the final proof contract to 613 860 3352 or fill out your details, save and email the document. Signing this contract will ensure that your design files are error free and ready for file submission.

Step Three: To submit your design files, please use one of the following methods provided below.

File upload methods:

FTP: Our online file submission tool is currently unavailable but will be back up shortly.
In the mean while, please contact us to obtain FTP information to upload your files.

Email: If your design files are less than 10mb in size, please send us your artwork to

Upload your files using Dropbox!

It's simple, quick and free.

Step One: Simply download the Dropbox application at, then save and install.

Step Two: Follow the instructions to get Dropbox set up on your computer and you will be good to go.
*Note that you will have to create an account.

Step 3.1 (Sharing your files): Open your Dropbox folder and create a New Folder by right-click > New > Folder.

Step 3.2: Right-click the new folder you created and under the Dropbox tab, select 'Share folder...'
and enter

Step 3.3: Enter a personal message with your Name or Company and click Share folder

Watch a quick instructional video here if you are having any trouble.