Graphic Design

Full service, in-house graphic design team at your request.

Business Cards

Business cards are inexpensive to produce yet indespensable. This tool allows you to introduce yourself and what you to do to propsective clients and their many business connections. The importance of business cards plays a vital role in the networking and recognition of any organization.

First impressions are always key. By having one of our graphic designers help you design a custom and one-of-a-kind business card, you will definitely be able to differentiate yourself from the rest. Say no more to dull and boring business cards!

Business card designs start at $100.00.
Includes two options and two rounds of reivions.

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Postcard, Brochures & Flyers

Postcards, brochures and flyers are all great tools to help you promote and advertise your company or project. Each item is better suited for a particular means of marketing therefore we suggest sitting down with one of our team members today to discuss which product is best for your project.

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Logo Design

A custom logo will symbolize your company and provides a recognizable image that nothing else can provide. It is an important element that is often missed by many businesses. With many different elements such as colour, shape, method of use (finalizing your logo for web and print use), the assistance of a graphic designer is key to help the creation process run smoothly.

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About our Design Process


We begin our process by meeting with you to discuss and better understand your brand ideas, style preferences along with compiling a list of key words that best describe your final product and vision. Whether you are searching for a complex logo or a simple postcard design, we take the same amount of effort and care when providing you our design services.

Developing your Concept

After meeting with you, our design team will create sketches and mockups, explore the use of colours and fonts. We will take the time to create options (amount of options depends on how many the client would like). Once the desired design is selected, it is then refined with up to 3 complimentary revisions.

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